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No Limits for Women (No Limits) is a project of the Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) Communities. It is an international organization of women (and men who are allies to women) dedicated to eliminating sexism and male domination throughout the world. The main work of No Limits for Women reveals how women have been damaged by sexism and to helps them assist each other, woman by woman,  in recovering fully from the damage.

Developing female leadership is a priority of No Limits for Women. Women leaders and their perspectives are crucially needed in order to solve the enormous challenges facing the world today. Using the tools of RC, No Limits for Women offers a system of ongoing mutual support and resource to sustain women's efforts to eliminate sexism and male domination. It is available to women, of all cultures, representing all economic and social conditions. No Limits also works with men in partnership to end sexism and male domination.

Listening project at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, 2014 (Beijing Plus 20)

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